"The trail of decisions a leader leaves behind them charts the trajectory of their influence." John Edmund Haggai

We believe as does John Edmund Haggai that decision making sits at the heart of leadership.

Healthcare demands executives understand the same principles involved with firing a gun. Before firing a gun you need to know what is behind your target, in case the bullet misses or goes through the target; the fear of what or who it might hit.

In healthcare it is impossible to make a decision that does not have a ripple affect throughout the healthcare delivery system. 

Decision Making

Physician Executive Assessment

As a Physician seeking an executive position or an organization seeking a Physician Executive any successful, sustainable career or organizational success has as its foundation well developed Dyad Collaboration.

We recommend Physicians seeking executive positions do not consider organizations that do not utilize Dyad Collaboration. 

Dyad Collaboration

The search for leaders can be a moving target depending on who you talk with; whether you are an organization seeking a leader or an individual seeking a leadership position .

Our premise is that leadership is not a moving target; leaders can be assessed and their likelihood to become a functional leader can be predicted and easily developed.

Many in this very lucrative market will stir the pot, play motivational music, burn incense and have a secret handshake; in the end, just like doing a physical exam on a patient, assessing and developing leaders is a process and decisive scientific method.